Tradition and Modernity

The company was founded in 1864 as a bell foundry in the city of Heilbronn. About a century later the medium-sized family company accomplished the transition into modernity. Today the company is a stainless steel processing production plant with focus on fitting technology, pig cleaning systems and pump technology.

The family business, run by the fourth generation, with the current location in the industrial area of Heilbronn offers a quality management in accordance to EN ISO 9001:2008.

Our extensive product range allows us to provide for many industries. The pumps are versatile in the beverage, food, pharmaceutical, lacquer and varnish industry as well as in many other industrial fields. The range of fittings allows for an extended market presence.

G.A. KIESEL GmbH distinguishes in the field of displacement pumps and fitting technology by a wide variety of special solutions. As our production is equipped with a complete range of machining stations, nearly all customer requirements are achievable.

Another gain for G.A. KIESEL GmbH is the pigging technology. Pigging systems are a very new technology based on a logical function. The pig is pushed by a flow medium through the pipe. The subsequent result is a perfectly clean pipe. This technology indicates the spirit of time and the development towards more environmental awareness.