KIESEL is exclusively manufacturing fittings made of stainless steel. These materials are used in the premises of wine industry, distillery, fruit juice, mineral water, dairy, confectionary, bakery products, meat products and the entire food production as well as cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

For the cellarage technology we provide special tank fittings which are very often equipped with special threads.

All threaded fittings, pipes, pipe fittings and valves are made of non-porous forged or rolled material. For these fittings we can issue material certificates according to 3.1 B or certificates of transfer for identification against payment. Pipes and pipe fittings are available in metal and stained-polished surface finish. Surface roughness of Ra < 0,8 µm can be delivered.

All fittings and fixtures are equipped with food-resistant rubber seals (FDA-compliant). We are pleased to supply you with special seals for exceptional high pressure, corrosion or thermal stresses.

As pipe, fittings and hose connections we put  a screw attachment according to DIN 405/11851, wine-special threads, flanges according to DIN 2633, small flanges and clamp connections.