Eccentric screw pumps

Over the past 40 years, eccentric screw pumps have become the most used displacement pumps in the beverage industry.

The simple handling, nearly pulsation-free controllable stream, its self-priming capabilities and the application possibilities for promoting liquid, non-homogeneous and high-viscose products have justified the triumphal procession of these kinds of pumps.

For the beverage industry we provide pumps in series M, B, FT, FTF and TP. For stationary installation we deliver the pumps with flanged connections and stainless steel baseplate.

Due to extremely high eccentricity of the rotor, output room between the rotor and stator is especially large dimensioned.

Eccentric screw pump model series M

This pump model series was developed especially for the beverage industry. The pumps are equally suitable for the promotion of mashes, as well as fruit wine, yeast, wine and fruit juices.

Custom design with other threads or drives with other voltages / frequencies are available.

KIESEL Model series M eccentric screw pumps are ideal universal pumps for wineries, fruit juice pressing houses, breweries. Entire stone fruits, deberried and non-deberried grape mashes, yeast, draff, wine, cider, and concentrates are propelled along easily.

Eccentric screw pump model series B

The model series B encompasses specially developed pumps for fruit distillery. Due to extremely high eccentricity of the rotor, output room between the rotor and stator is especially large dimensioned, in order for the stone fruit mash to be meticulously handled.

All rotors are provided with a screw thread connection for the mount of a supply screw. The input area of the pump is outfitted with a 90s mash screw thread, in order to be able to easily attach a mash input funnel.

KIESEL Distillery Pumps are ideal for distilleries. All mediums would be sparingly pumped without problems. The hollow space between the rotor and stator stays the same size. They are "pushed" during pumping by the vacuum and pressure side. Thus, the transported material will not be smashed and fruit stones will not be damaged.

Eccentric screw pump model series FTF

KIESEL Flat mash pumps FTF are specially constructed for use under destemming machines, graters, or mills.

The complete pumps are made of rust-proof stainless steel, 1.4301 material. This includes funnel, casing, chassis, shaft, feeding-screw, joint pieces and special throw rotor. The pumps run completely vibration-free, due to the light weight of the construction. The speed is choosen to be slow, in order to reach a conservative promotion, without smashing the transported material or causing an increasement of the unclear concentration. The joints of the pumps are open constructed to ease cleaning possibilities.

The pumps can run in both rotation directions for cleaning. As for accessories, we deliver funnel attachments, hose fittings, mash lines made of PVC and rust-proof stainless steel, ball valves and tank armatures

Eccentric screw pump model series TP

This series is used for emptying tanks, drums, containers with highly viscous products which can not be drawn in, for example concentrates, jams, viscous products up to 200.000 mPas.

According to the desired application conditions we provide various drives as such as variable speed gear, explosion-proof gear and gear motor with frequency converter. Two-stage stators and rotors are used for higher pressure up to 12 bar.

Eccentric screw pump model series FT

The model series FT is designed to promote products with a high amount of solid pieces, mash, yeast and filter cake without any problem.

This model series of pumps is used as a high consistency pump with a built in funnel and as a liquid pump with a closed funnel and screw thread connection.

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