The accurate definition explains how the floating properties of sludge in a liquid cause it to swim to the surface of the liquid. Whereupon there is a perfect separation of the sludge from the clear liquid.

The clarification procedure is based on inserting minute gas bubbles into the liquid. These attach themselves to the sludge particles in the fruit-wine and drive them up to the surface of the liquid.

The sludge particles remain there and form themselves into a solid sludge cake. This sludgy cake mass can be continually skimmed off from the surface or you can drain off the clear liquid out through the residue drain at the bottom of the container.

Flotation clarification has for a long time been a customary process in sewage treatment. In recent years it has been increasingly applied in the clarification of fruit-wine. Today it is a well-proven method to enhance the quality of wine.

Flotation clearing with a device to be mounted on an excentric screw pump with a capacity of min. 10.000 ltr/h. Air comes from the atmosphere or a compressor.


  • secure insertion of minute air bubbles, i.e. the perfect amount of clarification
  • a minimum amount of energy required
  • simply handling of the appliance

  • simple to operate: all the parts such as the switch cabinet and ball cocks, manometer are operated or observed from one side
  • accessoires: dosing pump, dosing tank with mixer and heating jacket, double filter, dull control measuring

  • good visibility of the quantity throughput
  • big contents of floating tank
  • aseptic manometer with pressure addapter (stainless steel)
  • easy to keep clean

  • full protection through the excess pressure safety valve
  • switch cabinet made of stainless steel for mustpumps and dosingpumps
  • under carriage made of stainless steel with stainless steel trolley wheels
  • excellent consultation available for you from trained sales personnel
Capacity (ltr./h)  Type
approx. 3.000  B 50
up to 10.000 / device for installation on an eccentric screw pump  B 55
approx. 8.000  B 80
approx. 10.000  Gr. 1
approx. 30.000  Gr. 2

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