Impeller pumps

KIESEL Impeller pumps are dry and self-primming rotary pumps. They unite the characteristics of a rotary pump and a positive displacement pump into one.

The working principle is very simple:

The heart of the pump is a flexible wheel (impeller), which is made of an elastomer material called Neoprene and the individual wings of the impeller are strongly bent, due to rotation, against the eccentric plate. On the priming side, the wings spread apart through residual stress. The suction area increases.

A vacuum develops, whereby the pump independently self-primes. On the pressure side, the wings are squeezed together. Gaps become smaller and are emptied.  Due to the pumping principle, KIESEL Impeller pumps have a continuous, pulsation-free pumping stream.

KIESEL Impeller pumps are delivered in portable models (up to size IP 03) and mobile models. All pump parts that come into contact with the products being pumped are made of rust-proof stainless steel, material no. 1.4301/304 electrolytically polished model. Standardly, pumps can be delivered with a
by-pass or without a bypass adjustment.

The core piece of the KIESEL Impeller pumps: elastic, high-resistant elastomer impellers. These insure independent dry priming of the transported material and produce an continuous nearly pulsation-free feeding steam. Even liquids with seeds, berry waste or stems are promoted without difficulty.

The pumps are equipped with following drives:

  • Gear motor 1450 rpm
  • Three-phases motor 1450 rpm
  • Pole-reversing three-phases motor 700/1400 rpm
  • Variabel speed motor 200-1400 rpm variabel
  • Frequency converter approx. 150-1500 rpm

Connections 90° or 180°.

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