Reverse Osmosis

KIESEL reverse osmosis was especially developed for wine making. After many years of testing, modules were created to make economical water removal from grape must possible.

The aim is to balance vintage differences and to enhance good qualities even more via must concentration.

Drainage of liquid causes the product to be concentrated with all ist ingredients. That means, with grape most, not only sugar content, but also shares of ingredient, color and aroma content, as well as acidity are enhanced.

This is the basic difference from accepted chaptalization of grape must, in that the sugar content would be enhanced through the addition of sucrose.

By the use of reverse osmosis implementation, must water is withdrawn via a fine membrane. Fine pores let the water molecules through, while retaining the must ingredients. The equipments high flowrate keep the pores open, so that a continuous operation is made possible.

An especially high value is set on the careful handling of must. High pressure pumps are used, which must produce overpressure of max. 80 bar. The equipment is designed for max. 20% drainage.

The equipment is designed for max. 20% drainage.

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