KIESEL-Eccentric screw pumps – compact – robust – efficient

The eccentric screw pump consits of a rotating displacement unit which is either an eccentric screw or a rotor. Its second element is the stator. The rotating part, the rotor, is in the shape of a rounded singlethreated spiral shaft with a large pitch. The static element is the stator and it is shaped like a double-threated inside screw. It thereby doubles the pitch of the rotor.

Consequently cavities arise between the rotor and the stator. They are always symmetrical in size when the rotor is rotating. When the rotor is set to rotate, these cavities and consequently the substances in them to be propelled, are shoved along in a screw-like manner from the suction to the pressure side.

KIESEL pumps are suitable for a huge range of applications. The pumps have proved one’s worth since 1965. They can solve any task to pump nearly all mediums continuously, softly, less of vibration and with equalized pressure. KIESEL pumps can be used in almost every industrial sector.

Eccentric screw pumps are self-priming displacement pumps. They can easily pump mediums which are high viscosity and less free-flowing. Also fibrous transported material will be safely pumped. We can equip the pump with several engine-power class and composite materials.


  • Rotors with extremely large eccentricity
  • Hollow rotor, vibration-reduced, low weight
  • Easy cleaning
  • CIP / SIP cleaning
  • Various stators
  • FDA-compliant
  • Compact construction on trolley
  • Complete range of accessories available

Technical data:

  • Pump sizes: SP 02 to SP 30
  • Capacity: 10 – 200.000 l/h
  • max. suction height: 6 m wc
  • max. pressure: up to 24 bar
  • max. temperature: up to 145°C

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