Eccentric screw pumps

Eccentric screw pumps


KIESEL eccentric screw pumps are self-priming positive displacement pumps. Among other things, they are used where products are too viscous and hardly flowable to be pumped by other pump types. Even fibrous, solids-laden material is transported safely. They are available in various performance classes and material combinations.

  • Rotors with extremely high eccentricity, thus gentle conveying
  • hollow rotor, low vibration, low weight
  • Easy cleaning
  • CIP/SIP Cleaning
  • Various stator qualities
  • FDA compliant
  • Compact mobile design
  • Complete range of accessories available

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The eccentric screw pump consists of a rotating element, the displacement body (rotor) and a static element (stator). The rotating part has the shape of a round single-start worm shaft with a large pitch. The stator has the shape of a two-start internal screw and thus the double pitch of the rotor.


As a result, there are cavities between the rotor and stator, which always have the same size during the rotation of the rotor. If the rotor is now set into a rotary motion, these cavities (and consequently also the medium to be pumped) are “pushed” helically from the suction to the discharge side.


KIESEL eccentric screw pumps have an extremely wide range of application areas. Since 1965, they have proven themselves worldwide in a wide variety of industries for continuous, pressure-stable, gentle and low-pulsation delivery of almost all free-flowing media.

  • Pump sizes: SP02 to SP30
  • Delivery rate: 10 – 200 000 l/h
  • max. suction height: up to 6 m Ws
  • max. Pressure altitude: up to 24 bar
  • max. Temperature: up to 145°C

Other versions on request.


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