Mash pumps

Mash pumps


Over the last 40 years, progressive cavity pumps have become one of the most widely used positive displacement pumps in the beverage industry.


The gentle treatment of the pumped medium, the almost pulsation-free, adjustable flow rate, self-priming capability and the possible applications for pumping liquid, non-homogeneous and highly viscous, dry media with solid inclusion have established the triumphal march of this pump type.


For the beverage industry we offer pumps in the M, B, FT, FTF and TP series. For stationary installation, we naturally also supply the pumps with flange connections and stainless steel base frames. Due to the extremely large eccentricity of the rotor, the conveying spaces between rotor and stator are particularly large.


The pump series was developed especially for the beverage industry. It is equally suitable for conveying mashes as well as must, concentrates, yeast, wine and fruit juices.


Special versions with other thread fittings or drives with other voltages / frequencies are available.


KIESEL eccentric screw pumps series M are ideal universal pumps for the winery, fruit juice press, brewery and distillery. Whole stone fruit, destemmed and undestemmed grape mash, yeast, grape marc, wine, must and concentrates are conveyed without problems.

The B series includes pumps specially developed for fruit distilleries, with which stone fruit mashes are treated extremely gently. All rotors are equipped with a threaded connection for the attachment of a feed screw.


The inlet width of the pump is equipped with a 90 mash thread for easy installation of a mashing hopper. All media in the distillery are conveyed smoothly and gently.


The cavities between the rotor and stator, which remain constant in size, are “pushed” from the suction and pressure sides during conveying. This prevents the conveyed material from being crushed and fruit stones from being damaged

This series is equipped with a large rectangular hopper opening and feeding screw, according to the medium to be conveyed.


The FT version is designed to convey products with high solids content and low liquid content without problems.


This pump series can be used as thick matter pump with a built-on funnel and as liquid pump with closed funnel opening and threaded connection.

KIESEL flat mash pumps of the FTF series are specially designed for use under destemmer machines, rasps or mills. This series was specially designed for the limited space under this unit.


They have a large feed screw and encapsulated, wear-free joints. Due to the large rotor and stator diameters (available from SP 12), these pumps gently convey homogeneous, viscous masses even at higher flow rates.

This series is used for emptying tanks, barrels, containers with highly viscous products which can no longer be sucked in, e.g. concentrates, jams, viscous products up to 200,000 mPas.


Depending on the desired operating conditions, a wide variety of drives are available for the pumps, such as variable speed drives, explosion-proof drives, gear motors with frequency converters. For higher delivery pressures up to 12 bar, two-stage stators and rotors are used.

Other versions on request.


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