KIESEL Floatclear was constructed with only one pump in order to use the flotation clarification economically also in small and medium-sized companies.

  • safe insertion of smallest air bubbles, i.e. best degree of clarification
  • low energy consumption
  • easy handling of the device

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By flotation, trub components in a liquid are driven upwards. This separates the trub from the clear liquid in the tank so that it can be easily drawn off at the bottom.


The clarification process is based on introducing small gas bubbles into the liquids. These settle on the trub particles in the must and drive them to the surface.


The trub particles remain there and form a firm “cake”. This can be skimmed off continuously or the clear liquid can be sucked off at the remaining outlet of the container.


Furthermore, we offer a pump attachment for eccentric screw pumps from 10.000 ltr./h consisting of air suction unit with flow meter, pressure reducer with carbon and fine filter, mixing unit as swirl pipe with pressure gauge, adjustable pressure maintenance valve, gear ratios to pump connections DN 65/11851. Suction of air from the atmosphere or from the compressor.


  • simple operation, all parts such as control cabinet, ball valves and manometer are operated or viewed from one side
  • versatile accessories such as dosing pump, heatable dosing containers, double corner tube sieve or turbidity meter
  • good visibility of the flow rates
  • large dimensioned impregnation containers, therefore better gas saturation
  • aseptic manometer with diaphragm seal (stainless steel)
  • easy to clean
  • absolute safety through overpressure valve
  • Stainless steel control cabinet for the liquid and dosing pumps
  • Stainless steel chassis with stainless steel swivel castors
  • best advice from trained sales staff

Fördermenge (ltr./h) Typ
ca. 3.000 B 50
bis 10.000 / Aufsatzgerät für Exzenterschneckenpumpe B 55
ca. 8.000 B 80
ca. 10.000 Gr. 1
ca. 30.000 Gr. 2

Other versions on request.


For details please refer to our brochure.

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