Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis


The KIESEL reverse osmosis was developed especially for the winery industry to enable an economical extraction of water from grape must. The aim is to increase good qualities even further by concentrating the must and to compensate for differences in vintage.


The dewatering of liquids concentrates the product with all ingredients. This means that not only the sugar content of the grape must is increased, but also the proportions of content, color, aroma and acidity. This is the fundamental difference to the traditional captalization of grape must, where only the sugar content is increased by adding saccherose.


The reverse osmosis process uses a fine membrane to remove water from the must. The fine pores allow the water molecules to pass through, while the must ingredients are retained. The high flow velocity of the device keeps the pores free, so that a continuous operation is possible.


For the gentle treatment of the must, high-pressure pumps are used, which ensure an overpressure of max. 80 bar must be generated. The plants are designed for a drainage of max. 20% designed.

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